The Hague Street Art Tour
(Project of Aight)

Temporary location:

Van der Kunststraat 12
2521 BB Den Haag
T: 070-3852116

Full experience

Do you want inside information about the paintings and artists included in this tour? You can walk a tour with a guide through the city district to get to know more about the backgrounds and be able to ask questions. 

Photography: richard mulder

There are special education tours offered for schools and other groups. Learn about the history of street art, different styles, the function of this art form and this project. These guided educational tours can include a street art quiz for an interactive learning experience. 

Want to make your own street art? The Hague Street Art offers street art workshops. During these lessons a street artist or graffiti artist teaches you the techniques of how to make your own street art with spray cans, rollers, markers and brushes. 

Via the artist pages you can directly contact artists for a commision or bring a visit to their website. The Hague Street Art is not responsible for financial and direct appointment that are made with the artists. However, we are wanting to help you with mediation, commisions, questions and information.

Need material? In our shop at the The Hague Hiphop Center we sell sprays cans, markers, shirts, books, dvd's and more!
For more information about prizes and opening times click here or just drop by!

To make a full street art experience arrangement with one or more of the above mentioned options, send us your information and questions so we can organize an unforgettable day for you or your group!

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The Hague Street Art
Stichting Aight 

Graphic design
Walewijn den Boer
Nick Jacobs

Karel van der Kuijl

Edit and content
Dilek Tosun
Guy Borghouts

Supported by
The Hague Street Art
Meldpunt Graffiti
Stadsdeel Segbroek 

Special thanks to
Jochem Cats
Sander Klijnstra
Hans Buurman 
Maaike Nuij-Dols
Marielle Zomerschoe